Today, social media essay is one of the primary sources of interaction amongst end-users and between customers and organizations. Plenty of social media activities takes place over Facebook including professional ones like enhancing brand value. Interacting with customers directly, enhancing brand transparency, promoting events and various offline activities.

Social media is the most successful marketing tool and the most used platform for effective communication nowadays. Different players have shaped the importance of social media in the digital world. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Of all the pioneers mentioned above in the social media boom, Facebook has managed to retain a competitive advantage over others.

This was possible with Facebook’s dynamicity of constantly upgrading itself with additional features, software updates, bug fixes, and other eye-catching front-end modifications.

As a result, Facebook still is the most productive and popular player in the social media world for providing end-users with a secure backup in the process of signing up for mobile applications.

You can use your Facebook login to sign up for numerous mobile applications, like Uber and Tinder. Almost every active social media user has an intense presence on Facebook.

Certainly, the number of Facebook users is way more than the number of Twitter or Instagram users. However, there are various features that even active users who use to interact with their friends and colleagues are not aware of due to lack of interest and their limited number of uses.

Facebook always come up with new technologies and is never outdated. Due to its highly dedicated team which keeps on implementing new technologies and new ideas just to make it more useful than any other social media player. Ten Facebook automatic features you must try.

Using Saved Folder

If you do not have time to read a particular Facebook post, then you can save it and read it later. To do that, you need to click the arrow pointing downwards on the right-hand side of the post and click on the ‘Save link’ button.

This will store the post in a ‘Saved Folder’ which is displayed on the screen’s sidebar on the left-hand side.

Posting in different languages on social media essay

Facebook can enable end-users to post in various languages other than English. It gives page owners a chance to do that so that end-users understand the conveyed message in the exact way the owner knows it.

To use this feature, you need to go through a particular pathway with various sections starting from ‘Page Settings. Which following by ‘General, ’Post in multiple languages, and ‘Allow. ‘The chosen language can select by following the dropdown menu that displays different languages.

Viewing the relationship timeline over the years

You can have access to your connection with others over the past years by following the given link, i.e. if they signed in. This option showcases all the pictures that tag with your name and the other person’s name.

Moreover, it also shows content-driven posts that have been specially tagged with the other person’s name.

Sending private replies on Facebook pages

You can respond to anyone’s comment on your Facebook page with a private message. It allows you to interact with an end-user and have an engaging conversation to address their queries personally.

The option appears adjacent to the ‘reply’ button on the user’s comment and your message link to the actual post. It allows page owners to enhance the quality of customer service related to birthday gift ideas for husbands.

If you have logged onto your Facebook account on someone else’s phone or device and forgotten to log out then, you can fix it by following the given path. i.e. ‘Security’ and then ‘Where you logged in after having opened up Facebook’s web screen. After this, you find the ‘End Activity’ link and all you suppose to do is click on this link.

Update Profile Data

Unlike the older Facebook version, the new version allows you to ‘describe who you are ‘and it gives you a maximum limit of 101 characters to do so. This box place just above your job and location information.

It can also enhance by a maximum number of five featured images that appear below the column on the left-hand side of your timeline.

Sharing files using the Dropbox option

Recently, Facebook included the Dropbox option for allowing end-users to share data. This whole feature operated through a cloud computing service.

If you select the ‘More ‘button on your Android device or in Messenger, then the Dropbox option appears as if you have already installed Dropbox. It allows you to share your files in a proper manner without much hassle.

Sharing music stories

Facebook has got their eye on music streaming services, and it has strived to integrate music. As a result, it has included a ‘Music Stories’ feature. However, it is available only on iOS, but soon it is planning to make it available on Android and desktop.

It allows end-users to share 30-second music clips from services, like Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify. It is going to increase the number of users and enhance exposure.

Using the Poke option

One more interesting feature that Facebook has come up with is Events. It has included practical algorithms that help in suggesting developments. By your friends’ location, attendance, and past patterns.

Hosts can read receipts for guests and end-users are allowed to choose the ‘Interested in’ button so that they get updated regularly and have access to event-related information related to social media essay.