This article describes the strategies of teaching basic terms and guidelines related to the information of Mens Shoes Formal and Shoes design. It considers the ways of formation and the development of the terminology in social reference. Taking into account the history of Mens Shoes Formal and fashion. Additionally, it identifies a  thematic group of terms and describes and justifies the periodization of terminology.  clothing and Shoe design as a  special area of human activity. Clothing and dressing include various types of integuments of the human body. The relationship between a  person and a  thing, Shoe design is one of the main extralinguistic factors.


Moreover, this section of the article research examines  Mens Shoes Formal and  Shoes design as a Special Area Of Human Activity. The Origins Of Its Origin And The Current State Of The Industry. Definitions are also given of the basic concepts of the industry. The terminology of this area and the features of its replenishment. And the relationship with other branches of science and technology characterized.  Consideration of the system of concepts of design of  Mens Shoes Formal as an environment. Terminology will allow us to trace the processes of formation of this terminology. 

Furthermore, Currently,  Mens Shoes Formal includes various types of integuments of the human body: lingerie, dress, hosiery, shoes, and hat. Shoe Design is a private manifestation of style.  The term mode  (from  Latin modus  –  measure, image,  method,  rule,  prescription)  means the rapid wide distribution and short-term dominance of certain tastes in relation to clothing and Mens Shoes.


As a  result of the movement of social formation, Shoe Designs itself is in constant motion. Changes in fashion have two aspects: innovative and cyclical.  Innovative changes are usually associated with various upheavals in society.  While cyclical ones are more measured,  and,  according to researchers, are approximately 15–20 years old. Fashion itself is a social concept.  Its development associated with objective socio-historical phenomena.  Therefore, as this study revealed, the term mode is international. But the term fashion, derived from the  French  Designs,  is mostly used in the  English terminology of men’s shoe design and fashion. At the same time,  a  profession began  –  a  designer.

Furthermore, the leader of which was a  famous artist and theoretician in the field of subject creativity William  Morris. That the main principles of the theory and creative  principles of design formulated. In another work of the author, the emphasis placed on the fact that it was the English art historians who first spoke about the problem of the connection of art with life under the conditions of scientific and technological progress and stood at the origins.

Conclusion of Mens Shoes Formal

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